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Unknown Photos 1870 to 1945 Pittsburgh

A little backround about the pictures. None of my older relatives can identify anyone in these pictures. All of them came from one of three houses in Mt Oliver Borough. These three houses were the homes of my grandparents and great grandparents Mt. Oliver is a small borough complelely surrounded by the city of Pittsburgh. It is bordered by the South Side, Lower St. Clair, Knoxville and Carrick. All former separate boroughs, but today parts of Pittsburgh. The photographs roughly cover the time period of 1870 to 1945. I am guessing most of them were from 1900 to 1945. Most of them are snapshots with nothing to identify who they were. A few are professionally done and I have included a list of the photographers. The family names that might be assoicated with these pictures are MUTSCHLER, SCHMIDT, ROESCHENTHALER, SEEMILLER, HITE, KREIN, TURGI, HOFFMAN, ROSENBERGER, HORN, ACHMANN AND HIRSCH. If by any chance you have an identical pictures among you pictures perhaps we can get together somehow and identify them.


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This is a list of the photographers that took these pictures, in case anyone is curious.

Herman Brandseph Stuttgard, Marienstrasse 36 Telephon 426
Fallert 1505 & 1507 Carson Street Pgh. SS Pa
Fallert 1207 Carson St. Pittsburgh, S. S. Pa
Hermann Linck Winterthur St. Georgenstrasse all over Europe
Wilkinson & McMinn No 41 5th Ave, Cor. Wood St. Pgh Pa
J. B. Alexander 1925 Carson St. South Side. Pittsburg PA
J. B. Alexander 1930 Carson St. South Side Pittburg, PA
J. B. Alexander 1930 Carson St. South Side Pittsburgh, PA
John J. Geis 1326 Carson St. Cor. 14th Pittsburgh PA
Rosser Cor. 12th & Carson Sts. Pittsburgh, S.S. PA
J. W. Alexander 1505 Carson St. Pittsburg, Pa
H. Pfaff 82 Ohio St. Allegheny, Pa
Kraeling Portraits Metropolitan National Bank Butler and 43rd St. Pittsburgh. Pa
J. G. Russ, 104 Fifth Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa Corner of Smithfield and Fifth
W. H. Moose 91 Federal St. Allegheny, Pa
Elite (Aufrecht.s New) 514 and 516 Market St. Pittsburgh, Pa
J. R. Pearson 96 Fifth St. Pittsburgh Pa and 43 and 45 Federal St., Allegheny Pa
Kennedy 20 Fifthe Ave, Pittsburgh, Pa.

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0023_first_communion.jpg ( 48K)

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0026_old_couple2.jpg ( 44K)

0027_old_man2.jpg ( 32K)

0028_young_woman_2.jpg ( 28K)

0029_young_man_2.jpg ( 20K)

0030_standing_woman.jpg ( 20K)

0031_standing_man.jpg ( 24K)

0032_girls_group.jpg ( 24K)

0033_young_woman_rotated.jpg ( 20K)

0034_fink.jpg ( 20K)

0035_gertrude_schwindermann.jpg ( 24K)

0036_man_and_two_girls.jpg ( 12K)

0037_picnic_group.jpg ( 40K)

0038_woman.jpg ( 12K)

0039_40s_woman.jpg ( 28K)

0040_sister_edna.jpg ( 24K)

0041_family.jpg ( 28K)

0042_first_communion.jpg ( 36K)

0043_man.jpg ( 24K)

0044_first_communion.jpg ( 32K)

0045_sister_and_brother.jpg ( 40K)

0046_baby.jpg ( 28K)

0047_man_from_butler.jpg ( 12K)

0048_woman.jpg ( 16K)

0049_young_woman.jpg ( 16K)

0050_couple_in_car.jpg ( 16K)

0050_young_woman.jpg ( 16K)

0051_young_boy.jpg ( 20K)

0052_two_women.jpg ( 20K)

0053_two_women.jpg ( 12K)

0054_young_woman.jpg ( 20K)

0055_woman_and_child.jpg ( 12K)

0056_woman.jpg ( 12K)

0057_woman.jpg ( 20K)

0058_woman.jpg ( 16K)

0059_bycyle_boy.jpg ( 24K)

0060_wwii_family_mt_oliver.jpg ( 44K)

0061_man.jpg ( 12K)

0062_woman.jpg ( 12K)

0063_brother_and_sister.jpg ( 16K)

0064_young_man.jpg ( 12K)

0065_mother_and_children.jpg ( 24K)

0066_40s_woman.jpg ( 28K)

0067_couple.jpg ( 24K)

0068_woman.jpg ( 20K)

0069_man.jpg ( 12K)

0070_little_girl.jpg ( 28K)

0071_couple.jpg ( 20K)

0072_young_girl_group.jpg ( 12K)

0073_baby_group.jpg ( 24K)

0074_baby_from_stuttgard.jpg ( 12K)

0075_steinbeck_child.jpg ( 28K)

0076_family_group.jpg ( 36K)

0077_mens_group.jpg ( 64K)

0078_man.jpg ( 24K)

0079_man.jpg ( 20K)

0080_two_women.jpg ( 20K)

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